Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ladder Up!

Ladder Tunic 

by Maree Buscke

Yarn:  Texas Super Chunky by Skeinz

Notions: 10mm & 15mm Circular needles or 10mm straight & 9mm circular needle
Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, XL

Notes:  Ideally you would complete the neck using a 10mm & then 15mm circular needle; however I appreciate that not everyone has these in their needle collections.  So therefore I have written two neck versions, one as I have knitted it & an alternative using a readily available 9mm circular needle.  The front & the back may seem very small when you have completed them – fear not, once laddered they will increase dramatically in size.  This is designed to be a very loose fitting garment.

On 10mm needles (straight or circular)

Front & back. Both alike.
Using Cable Cast On
Cast on 34 (38, 42, 46) sts
Row 1: (K2, YO) repeat until last two sts, K2

Next Row: Purl
Continue in stocking stitch until you have completed 38 (42, 46, 50) rows in total (finishing with a purl row)
Cast off the first two stitches, then drop the third. Cast off next two stitches, drop the following stitch.  Continue in this fashion until you have cast off all stitches.  You are essentially dropping every third stitch.
Gently ladder down each of these dropped stitches until you have reached the cast off edge.  Your work will grow by about 40%.  Take your time doing this to get a smooth even finish.

Roll Neck – Maree’s Version
Knit 20 rounds then change to 15mm circular needles & work a further 7 rounds.  Cast Off loosely.
With right sides facing pick & using a 10mm Circular needle pick up 19(21, 23, 25) stitches from the front panel & then 19(21, 23, 25) stitches from the back panel.  Join in the round.

Roll Neck – Alternate Version
With right sides facing pick & using a 9mm Circular needle pick up 21(23, 25, 27) stitches from the front panel & then 21(23, 25, 27) stitches from the back panel.  Join in the round.

Knit 30 rounds.  Cast Off loosely.

Make Up
Place the garment over your head & decide where you find your armhole length most comfortable & place marker.  Sew side seams.

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  1. This is awesome and I love it. But there is no detail re how many balls of Texas Super Chunky that you need. Could you add that please. cheers Karen