Friday, April 5, 2013

Spin Evolution

The Resurrection of my wheel.
One of the best things about attending a fibrecraft retreat is the inspiration that permeates the event & gets clogged in your psyche.  When you work in the fibrecraft industry it's easy to become conditioned to so many amazing things, so seeking solace in the simple things can be surprising therapeutic.

At Unwind there were a collection of hand spinners who travelled with their wheels.  There we also a number of fibre retailers that did seductive enticements with colour & texture. Seeing them was the kick in the pants I needed to dust off (and I mean dust off - it took me 2 hours of de-dusting) my beautiful Ashford Traditional that Dr. Phil bought for my birthday many years ago.
Happy Hanks
I haven't spun a yarn in years.  I learned when I was pregnant with Hugo, but the temptations of a spinning wheel & a very active toddler that was Louis did not make a harmonious mix - so just as I was getting proficient, the wheel was packed away for it's own safe keeping.  Fast forward 5 years & the wheel is back gracing the living room & the usual craft detritus of needles, hooks, yarn & notions has mushroomed to now include various fibre, spindles, bobbins & a niddy noddy.
The Evolutionary skeins
This rediscovery has been so welcome.  The gentle repetitive rotation has had a yen like effect at a time I have desperately needed calm.  As stress was building in one corner of my life, the wheel magically massaged it away with every press of the pedal.  I now completely get the deep lust that ardent hand spinners have for their craft.
The Evolution vest is well underway
Now that I have spun up a storm over the last 3 weeks I have started a simple vest to supplement Hugo's Winter wardrobe.  An 'Evolution' vest, cast on at the bottom with the first yarn spun & knitted up with each consecutive skein, showcasing my own spinning evolution.  As my spinning, plying & colour combinations grow in confidence, it's story is translated into a vest that I can admire on Hugo.  I can't wait to get it finished & start experimenting further, the ideas for making my own yarn & for what we can achieve at work have my head spinning (pun intended) with ideas. I just love how looking at something from a slightly different angle can provide you with an entirely new perspective!

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