Monday, October 29, 2012

Spring Garden

My one  only bearded Iris

This afternoon the light was just perfect to capture a few of the gems that now reside my Spring time garden.  Now don't be fooled, I am not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination, I have a very good friend who helps me, select, populate & manage to the best of my very limited abilites.
So this is a small photo montage of what's looking great right now.

A rose I bought back from the brink after we moved in 6 years ago
A stunning perfumed David Austin rose we inherited

One of my new Day Lilies thriving away

Louis 'Escape proofing' Dublin Bay Rose

I have even planted a veg patch!

I also have been knitting this weekend - these two little vests were knocked up in no time at all - an awesome pattern called Felipe by Joji Locatelli.  It's Free via Ravelry & a perfect wee knit for those baby gifts & a great way to use up stray single balls & scraps.  The random yarn is a ball of Noro Silk Garden I bought at KAN:3, the solid Berry is Southlander Rose Bracken from Skeinz & the blue tweed is a Donegal sample I was asked to test knit at work.  These little beauties are for Ivy (one left) & Joseph (on right)
For Ivy & Joseph

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