Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That Cup of World Rugby

Louis & Hugo got me to set this up for the CoWR duration
It's really quite funny how infectious all this Rugby fervor can be.  I had been so busy with all the lead up to KAN any thoughts to the impending 'Cup of World Rugby' or CoWR sort of passed me by.  Now if you think I might have me events mixed up - I have to be very careful, the NZRFU & IRB have teams scouring all forms of media for people who are trying to cash in on, you know, the Cup of World Rugby - so CoWR it is.
Louis getting in his tackling practice

Napier is the host of the Canadians during their stay in NZ - in fact they are staying just down the road from me. Ahuriri is groaning with fervent fans, flags are flying in support of the three teams that are appearing here (Canada, France & Japan) & AB's flags are everywhere you look - all this CoWR fever is quite infectious.

Louis loves Rugby

It hasn't escaped the notice of Louis & Hugo.  Their pre-school has had rugby themed parties & rugby is featured everywhere. Dr. Phil has gotten in on the act & has been taking the kids down to the local park to play Rugby - Louis just loves any excuse to run, run, run. Every time we see a black fern flag or they see the haka, they get all excited 'Wrugby Muuummy - Oar Blacks!' will exclaim Hugo.

The HitchHiker that has been frogged more than French!
I have to say I have now gotten the bug too.  I have watched more rugby in the past 10 days than I have in years & more importantly, I have ENJOYED it!  I have some rugby projects all sorted - so far a Capelet has been knocked out & the HitchHiker scarf I have on the needles are both getting plenty of knit time - the only problem is the random dropping of stitches when I leap up from the couch to cheer manically at athletic men wearing tight clothing run up & down.  Seriously during the Irish game the other night I had to stop knitting & then frog back because once the excitement died down I realised my tension had been shot to shit & I had more holes than the Australian back line!

I've got Tonga & Japan up next & I am going to watch Japan against the Canadians next week - may I need to knock up something red & white for the occasion?

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  1. Louis will be the future star of his team! The rugby fever is spreading, and the sport is gaining popularity. The increased attention toward the recently-concluded Rugby World Cup is a sign that this sport is catching quite a number of followers.

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