Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In the KAN

It's been a little over a week since the conclusion of KAN:2 & I am just now gathering my breath.  KAN:2 was nearly double the size of it's original - it was great to welcome back old friends, make new ones & for me finally meet so many that I communicate this on a professional basis in the 'flesh'.
What a cracking looking bunch!

This year saw more traders, a wider variety of fiberous wonders & more workshops.  I have to say the business at the Friday traders market was brisk with many items selling out before they had a chance to be viewed by the wider public!  I was one of the lucky one to snaffle the HiyaHiya Dumpling Stitch makers & case from Yarnz - seriously cute.  I also indulged by passion for colour with a selection of yarn which reflected the colour palette in my wardrobe - with the exception of the muted natural tonings of the 'Slate' colourway from Fibre Alive (formally JOY) - purchased especially for Louis next prehistoric inspired Milo for next Winter.  I indulged my love of deep vamperish reds from Morag at Vintage Purls - I so see a set of fingerless gloves coming on...

Many of these red skeins found there way home with me!
Merino Mania proving you can make more than socks from sock yarn.

I have also purchased far too much sock yarn - did you know I have yet to actually make a pair of socks from all this yarn!!  I went for colours which I use to accessorise & have just purchased a new shawlette pattern fron NZ designer Gabriella Henry called Faultline, so I am itching to get yarn wound off & cast on.
Looking studious at Morags workshop

There is a great thread on the Ravelry Knit August Nights board called "Things I Learned at KAN:2". Make sure you check it out or contribute.  What did I learn? 
  • Well there is no such thing as wearing or owning too much orange (Thank you Dee)
  • I have fallen in love with my drop spindle (Thank you Frances).
  • Sometimes you just need a kick in the pants with your design brain - just shift your thinking 10 degrees to create something amazing (Thank you Nanette)
  • Face your fear & attack your knitting with scissors - even if you manage to unravel it through your steek - it is worth it all in the end! (Thank you Stella)
  • When it all started gets a little too overwhelming, just take a deep breath & find Win.
  • Polly Rocks!

Nanette showing off the design which was a revelation for me.
I just want to take a little time to thank all those who not only attended KAN:2, but the traders, tutors & KAN supporters that helped support, promote & provide encouragement for the event.  I concede it is a big job, one I thoroughly enjoy. Next year is already in the pipeline - so make sure you pencil in the last weekend of August 2012 & add the KAN website into your favourites.  If you want to check out more images from KAN:2 - have a look at the KAN:2 set here.


  1. So I take it you may have 5 minutes free for a coffee some time soon petal?


  2. Just came over from Rav to see your write up and pics and was very surprised to see my name there :) I look forward to seeing your Faultline!!
    I MUST get to KAN next year - it looks like great fun.