Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deco Delights

We got a great view of the airshow!
Napier hosts a world famous Art Deco festival every year.  Thousands from around New Zealand & the world come to Napier to be transported back in time, a world of cutting edge style, colour & cars.
With all the upheaval in our family in February we had no plans this year for 'deco', but we got a stunning airshow clearly visible from our back deck.
The best way to show you the magic of 'deco' is pictorially - the full series of pictures can be found here  - enjoy!

Just mesmerising!

Hugo's determined to 'shoot 'em down'!
Crikey - Did Hugo hit one?
Watch out below!
Deco belle's enjoying the sunshine.
This Art Deco is hot work for Max.
Vintage Deco
Friends Jill & Naomi - Just beautiful.

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