Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No resolutions, just a quick gloat...

Of course Max the Mastiff & the knitting made it to the beach too!

Sigh....  I should feel sorry for all those poor souls out there in the Northern Hemisphere that are freezing their tits/nuts off in the coldest Winter in memory, but I don't.  There's a reason I live here, firstly New Zealand is the greatest little-big countries in the world & Hawkes Bay is a jewel in it.

Glorious Ocean Beach - Hawkes Bay

Being able to pack the family up & head to the beach for a day out is Gold.  We have a lovely wee beach just 5 minutes walk from our house & just 20 minute drive away is one of the nicest beaches you'll find anywhere - Ocean Beach.

Hugo just loves the 'beeesch'

So with picnic, sun shade, copius amounts of sunscreen for the melanin challenged (aka Me) & an umbrella for the dog, we spend 4 delicious hours with the kids enjoying a truly classic Kiwi Summer pastime.
Louis best beachy smile.

Who needs New Years resolutions when you already have everything you'd every wish for!

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  1. I'm in the Northern Hemisphere...in the US...and it's not been that cold. I mean, it's winter and I live a few hours outside of Chicago but winters here could be so much worse.

    At any rate, I'm jealous of your beach!