Friday, June 25, 2010

Strike While the Dino's Hot

Louis, our budding Palentologist.

Louis, our 4 year old, never ceases to amaze me. He unfailing passionate obsessions often leave me wondering what is in stall for him in years to come. This week I have been coming under great pressure from him to complete his "Dino Jumper Mummy!".

A dancing Deinosuchus?

I had a motif all picked out, a cute wee purple T-Rex, so I dubbed the new project Tyranno-Milo-saurus. As I was finishing off the final rows last night Louis dug the small paper bag out with the motifs inside. I showed him the T-Rex, he also pulled out a small green crocodile (which I had bought thinking it was a dino & then realised when I got home it wasn't). He looked intensely at the jumper & announced quite emphatically, "No Mummy, that's a swamp on the dino jumper, T-Rex doesn't like swamps, better be Deinosuchus" - Eh!? What???

So the cute we croc has been elevated to ancient dinosaur status & I have another project that Louis has deemed suitable to grace his person. What do next? Start delving into the stash to find yarn that will go with a purple T-Rex of course!

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