Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bye Bye Benson

The MacBuscke house is in mourning.

Last week Benson, Maximus' father, suddenly passed away after a short illness. For those who follow this blog, you will be aware that Benson has played a big role in our lives, coming to stay frequently for doggy holidays & respite care. His gentle sunny disposition meant he fitted in seamlessly to the running of the house & the boys, Max, Dr. Phil & especially me, loved having him about. For those who are animal lovers, you will understand the almost irrational overwhelming sense of grief you feel at the loss of a pet. Madness really, I have been crying for days. Like children, pets, their innocence, just gets under your skin.
We'll miss you Benson.

Tyranno-Milo-Saurus progress to date

As the Winter deepens here I have been making the most of the shorter days & have been cranking out plenty of projects in the queue. After the success of the Steggie Milo, I have started another called Tyranno-Milo-saurus, a sort of prehistoric jungle inspired number which I have a small T-Rex motif to apply one completed. I have also had a couple of birthday presents completed & with James from J.O.Y coming to visit this weekend, I feel some socks coming on.

For those who have tried the Ever after Gauntlet pattern, I have just completed a pair for Suzanne at work using a fine Merino DK & 4mm needles & they fit her smaller hands perfectly.
Suzanne's Ever After Gauntlets

It has been a perfect project for me to do to help support New Zealand in the Ravelry World Cup - Go the All Whites!

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  1. Sorry about your dog's dad passing. Our pups help make our world, and it so so sad when they die.