Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Peas in a Pod

Louis & Luke hit the lake....

I am now finally walking pain free for the first time in over 6 months! Amazing, truly amazing. As part of the rest & recovery period the MacBuscke clan headed up to Lake Taupo for the annual Macdonald family retreat. This year we did things a little differently & rented a small holiday bach ( Holly Cottage was excellent, fully fenced for extra safety & plenty of room, so each of the boys' could have their own room, so parents actually had a good nights sleep!

As luck would have it my cousin (and also the bridesmaid at our wedding) Karen, her husband Steve, their twins, Luke & Greer, arrived in Taupo towards the end of our stay. We were able to get our acts together & spend a long overdue day catching up. Karen & Steve's twins are just 3 months older then Louis & easily as busy.

It was nice for Louis & Luke to have time together now that they are a little older. Both are very full throttle & Karen has many of the parenting challenges I have in raising boisterous boys. It was amazing, they both clapped eyes on each other & it was love. Peas in a pod. Kindred spirits looking for mischief together. After hunting dino's, racing Hot Wheels & hitting balls it was time for a walk. Lakeside at Kuratau (southern shores of Lake Taupo) is just stunning & the day was perfect. The shot above is the boy's braving the icy alpine lake to see whether they could make it across to the other side - CUTE! (And before the PC police get on my case at a naked Louis with no hat on - he was thoroughly doused in SPF 70+ sunscreen - besides when you're that good looking all you need are your shades)

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