Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It takes a lot of good wine to make good knitting...

One of my "Multi Glass Projects"

There's an old saying in the New Zealand wine industry "It takes a lot of good beer to make good wine", well having been a product of the New Zealand wine industry & self confessed knitting lush I can also confidently say it takes a lot of good wine to make good knitting!

Imbibing whilst I knit helps me to relax, lubricate & think outside of the square, especially since most of my projects are undertaken without a pattern in very much a free form style. The kicker of course is - not too much!

(Pour nice red)

I will be the first to admit if I am attempting an aran or lace pattern & have had more that two glasses - buggered every time, so these patterns are best knitted during the day (or whilst pregnant - but in my case those reproductive days I am pleased to say are over!) at night I choose those nice easy stocking or garter stitch repetitive numbers that I can knit, drink, & watch prime time tellie.

My other "Multi Glass Project" a Cashmere cowl.

To that end this winter for the first time I have multiple projects on the go, to help match the level of inebriation, I mean relaxation, I have at the time. Currently I have 4 WIP, FOUR! I have never had this much work on the go, but I have so many ideas whirring around in my head that I am struggling to keep up with what I want to get translated out on the needles (pour another glass of wine). Add to that a mini baby boom by friends & family and I am very busy indeed (glug, glug).

In an attempt to get my shit together I have started (more accurately, restarted) a project book. Keeping more detailed notes of each project just in case it is one I want to get published or have some one who would like a copy. I would like to say it is neatly typed up, in edited, print ready format, but alas it's hand written scrawlings (what the bottles empty already?) with wadges of yarn stapled randomly in next to them. Oh well is it time for a port? What on tellie now? Where's the cowl?

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