Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Completion Satisfaction

The best thing about shitty cold weather is plenty of knitting gets finished!

Like the cashmere cowl I had been carrying in my purse, it has been a God send when it comes to walking the dog, I will definately do more for next Winter. It has been so unseasonably cold here. Yesterday I bundled the boys up to go and do some errands, pulled out of our place up to the parrallel street to ours & this was the stunning view I was greeted with. Usually the snow doesn't come down this low, but it were the hardy souls out surfing I couldn't get over - you can't keep a good surfer down! I have also been good & got Edies socks done, for my Mum's friend. She's almost 80, never married, worked hard all her life & is fold of a drink, so I couldn't resist posing the socks on a few spent corks (saved from my hazy days in the wine trade). I have now started a possum merino pair for myself, which I am proud to say I am almost done...

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