Friday, December 12, 2008

The art of giving this Christmas

I enjoy Christmas gift giving. I enjoy the process of thinking about what the recipient would really like & take time in gift selection & creation. I know it would be much easier to shop at a 'mega store' but where's the fun in that?? I am not a religious person, I acknowledge the historical significance of Christmas, for me Christmas is the time that family & friends take time out to spend time together. All helped of course by the fact that Christmas falls in the middle of New Zealand Summer holidays, so in these parts it's a barbeque & plenty of bubbles.

If I had my perfect lead time to Christmas I would have plenty of time to make all my gifts, however the reality of two small boy's & working part time has meant I have only managed to make one gift this year. It's for Naomi, the 3 months baby girl of friends of ours. They are recent immigrants to NZ from the UK & they have totally taken to the whole Christmas in Summer thing. This is Naomi's first Christmas & I am a sucker for knitting for little girls. It has been so nice to design something & being able to add delicate feminine touches, I had to brush up on the skill set, I did a pretty fair isle border & scalloped crochet trim, I haven't done fair isle in years, but was please to learn it's a bit like riding a bike, a skill you never forget.

Since I haven't been able to do as much of my own gift creation this year hasn't meant I have avoided hand made treasures. My friend Rebecca is a mad scrap booker & makes the most stunning gift cards & I have bought dozens of hand made chocolate truffles for our local parents centre fundraiser - finished in an organza bag, these make lovely gifts. I think next year I might start knitting early so I have less time pressure.....(wishful thinking?!)

PS Phil's fusty cardy got some good work done on it a few weeks ago whilst we were in Taupo, since then Louis has decided to play 'drums' with the needles of the 'Fusty' project losing one & tearing the project off the other (let's just say it was a bad day ending with me having to phone the insurance company, again, to claim for Louis damage) So I am having some time out from 'Fusty' until the new year.

PPS Louis Hemp pants washed up beautifully & look great, if I can keep them on him long enough. His highness has decided he doesn't like them so refuses to wear them, thank goodness I have 2 sons!
Last but on least: Currently on the 'sticks' is a jumper for Hugo for this coming winter. I am knitting up some Koigu KPPPM hand painted sock yarn. I have learned my lesson & know know why they suggest knitting off 2 balls at a time, it does make for better patterning. It's great to knit other garments with, it produces a warn lighter weight fabric that's incredibly hard wearing, I'll blog it when it's done.

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