Friday, June 14, 2013


Meet Renly Baratheon - he's taken to the same cushion Max used to love

Since returning from holiday. life is back to moving at turbo pace, but the nice thing to to be energized to keep up.  We visited a puppy breeder on our way back from holiday & unintentionally found ourselves bringing a puppy home instead of just ordering one.
Renly came to work with Mum - all too much for a wee pup.  The jumper was store bought by daddy, for all those Gizzy readers, you will certainly understand why I will be knitting our Bulldog a NEW jumper ASAP.
Renly Baratheon, the cheekiest British Bulldog you have ever had the pleasure to meet, has parked up at Chateau Ahuriri & is very happy thank you very much!  he's been a breath of fresh air & is utterly adored by the boys, and of course his new doting parents. I even have permission to knit something for him, so after my current project (a crochet slouch beanie - yes don't choke, I'm 'hooking'), I will be casting on a doggie jumper to befit our regal baby.
Crouching Tiger Cowl - made from the delicious Lornas Laces Lion & lamb.

Speaking of projects have had work fly off the needles of the past month, I completed two projects in Raro, I have knitted a cowl for 'The Gingers' school principal & I am currently 'hooking' up this hat.  I also have some surgery booked for next week & will be laid off my feet & on my arse for a couple of weeks, so lined up in the wings are Renly's new threads, a cowl for 'The Gingers' teacher & finishing a pattern I am developing for one of the Mill's contract clients.... Just a few bits and pieces!!

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