Monday, November 12, 2012

A pig in muck.....

The last two days have been a frenzy of yarn stores - I have been to five! Everyone has been so incredibly helpful - Thank you to Donna & Vicki at SASI who let me hijack their class, Lyn at Knit 1 who satisfied my Addi fetish & looked after my wallet (long story) & today the lovely Nina of Nina managed to navigate this poor publicly transport challenged kiwi back into the city in the train, even giving me my fare so I would stuff up! You're a star! 

 This gave me time to meet the Vicky at Loopy & highjack yet another class (thanks Barbara). So all in all a very full on couple of days. All is going to be written up in Entangled Magazine - so I hope my photo's do the stores & a fabulous women who own them justice!

Just a hint of Nina's lovliness
Still have a couple of stores to scope out & hope to make it to Lornas Laces as well - this is a very happy 'kiwi yarn piggy'!

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