Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where do Babies come from - The Louis Diaries

The inner workings of a four year old boys mind is a complete mystery to me. It doesn't matter how much Jo Frost I watch, fathoming the logic, reasoning & day to day processing of the Louis mind is mostly guess work. Every now & then though he comes out with little nuggets of Louis wisdom which are absolute gold. I have decided I need to start documenting these, so I am creating the 'Louis Diaries' - zen & wisdom from the 4 year old male mind.

Diary Entry #1 - Where Babies Come from.

Whilst away recently I had a chance to catch up on some magazine reading - a real treat. The NZ edition of the Aussie Woman's Weekly had the lovely article about the arrival Georgina Earl's (nee Evers-Swindell) new baby girl. The cover sported the stunning picture of the twins with the bonny new baby girl.
Louis not missing a trick sees the cover & says "Mummy, Louis wants a baby for Christmas"

Slightly shocked & a little unbalanced I replied "Sorry Lou, Mummy won't be having any more babies, especially before Christmas"

Louis, not one to be deterred, changes tack "But Mummy, I love babies, please why can't you go & get Louis a baby for Christmas?"

"Well darling you don't just go out & get a baby" & then I ask the question, lord only knows what possessed me to ask it, but it just fell out. "Louis, where do you think babies come from?"

Louis pauses for a couple of seconds, then looks me squarely in the eyes with a slightly pained look, like 'how I could ask him such a completely simple question, something that surely I must already know'

His answer "China!"

Louis Moral #1 - Everythings' made in China, including babies!!

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