Thursday, March 19, 2009

Knitting in the rain...

One of the things you learn about travelling is sometimes you just have to release yourself to the Universe in order to have a good time. Dr. Phil & I have snuck up to Rarotonga again for a quick break Whilst leaving the 'Super Grans' in charge of the boy's back home in Napier. The great irony about heading away for some sunshine & R&R has been that there has been very little sunshine, in fact it has rained every day of the 4 days we have been here so far. All thank you to Cyclone Ken further up the Pacific, but as we saw on this mornings news we are better off than Tonga which has an erupting volcano & 7.9 earthquakes overnight.
The best thing about all this rain is I have absolute no guilt about all the knitting I have been able to do. I am just putting the finishing touches on a tank top for Hugo & stop the presses I am going to finish Dr. Phil's fusty cardy this afternoon, well at least try to!!
The flip side of all the stormy weather is when the sun does come out it can leave you with some beautiful skies. Yesterday saw thunderstorms & heavy showers that punctuated the sunshine, it does make some entertaining horizon watching when sipping your brandy.

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