Friday, January 23, 2009

Knitting Though a Resession

I have had a busy couple of weeks getting a couple of friends set up on their first knitting projects. It is a very exciting thing for me being able to infect others with my addiction. I have helped them select a suitable pattern (one of the greatest mistake of a beginner is that they buy a pattern that is well beyond their skill level), & in this case both have chosen to knit for their young daughters.

Paula has chosen a gorgeous jumper for Riley that has contrasting coloured ruffles & Sophie just fell in live with a ballet cardigan wrap for Poppy. Sophie has jumped in boots and all, she has a mum that is an experienced knitter who is currently staying from the UK, so having expert guidance on-site has really helped keep her motivated. Her progress so far has been amazing, she is knitting the back & we I last checked in had already knocked off 10cm of stocking stitch. Her work is incredibly neat & even for a beginner, her greatest challenge so far has been remembering that with the knit stitch you work from the front to the back & purling is from the back to the front. Sophie is loving the 'quiet' mind space that knitting is providing her, she has three small children (as does Paula) aged between 20 months - 5 years, so knitting, even as a beginner, is offering comfort in a very busy household.

I work for a yarn spinning mill & I like to do a few hours each week in the factory shop to keep in touch with knitters locally, I also look after our sales through NZ's version of E-Bay, called Trade Me. I have been stunned at how busy we have been the last few weeks, now for those in the northern hemisphere that is unusual at this time of year, as it's the middle of Summer here, temps consistently between 25 - 30+ degrees C (88 - 95F), not exactly traditional knitting weather. I believe it is all stemmed from the desire to hunker down when times are tough. Instead of taking a euphoric hit when we flex the plastic at the shops, we are getting it when we actually take the time to create something for a loved one or ourselves at home. I keep you abreast of Sophie & Paula's progress.

Knitty updates: I have finished Hugo's hand-painted pants to go with his jumper, they look fabulous (if I do say so myself) & I have made excellent progress on my hybrid vest. The yarn is delicious, it's Naturally Sensation a merino angora blend & just a delight to knit with, I will definitely be seeking it out again. One of my jobs over the next few days is to wind off a few more skeins, Dr. Phil & I are off to Wellington this weekend, minus children, so I want to make sure I have plenty to keep me going. Speaking of which, one of New Zealand premium yarn stores has just been revamped & moved into central Wellington, so look out Knit World Studio you are a high priority destination on my calendar!

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