Friday, March 2, 2012

Back to School

One of my bestie best friends has moved away to do a two year post graduate degree at the ripe old age of 49.  Brave ballsy move at any age, so I wanted to do something for him to have to start his new life as a 'scarfie' student.

So I have knocked up this super quick, super easy 'Back to School' scarf for him.

Back to School Scarf
250m Chunky yarn or two DK knitted together (apx 5 - 6 balls)

Using 8mm Needles
Cable cast on 22 sts
Row 1: k2, *(p2. k2) repeat until end
Row 2: k1, *(p2, k2) repeat to last stitch, p1
Repeat the last two row to form the broken rib pattern. 
Continue until you have reached length desired.
Cast off in Rib.

I like the length long so you can loop the scarf around your neck (as seen modelled by our dog Max).  This should keep the cold out this Winter as he adjusts to his new student lifestyle.

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