Friday, October 8, 2010

Quick Fix

Raukumara Scarf
In the thread waste bin at work 150gms of this really random yarn turned up. It was a Super Chunky yarn that just 'spoke' to me. As soon as I saw it, this scarf pattern just sort of organically happened. Named after the high country mountain range which is where I lived as a child. Now if some other cleaver clogs has thought of this first (& I am sure someone has) great minds...

With 10mm Needles Cast on 12 sts
*Knit 5 rows
**Kfb of all 12 sts (24sts)
Repeat previous two rows
K2tog until end (12sts) ***
Repeat from * to *** 7 more times
K3 Cast off 6 sts K3
K3 cast on 6 sts K3 (backwards loop or Cable CO works well here)
Knit three rows
Repeat ** to *** twice
Cast off.

This yarn isn't commercially available, but using two stands of DK together or better yet some of the funky super chunky's available from Skeinz, Have a look at the new range of Texas super chunky - two balls will complete the scarf. This would make a great Christmas gift.. - Enjoy!
Texas by Skeinz


  1. Cute pattern. I just noticed it on Ravelry and thought it looked like fun. Thanks for sharing. I love the hole in the middle scarves. They make life easy.

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    Thanks for your consideration!

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  3. Hi,

    this is so cool!!! I love!!!!